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While working in house at Lucid (No not the car company) I had the opportunity to create some great campaigns.


Lucid? The car company?

No the ResTech software company. Haven’t heard of it. That’s ok. Thats part of the challenge. Lucid (Acquired by Cint) was a company with brand awareness issues. It had a generic name but great technology. Lucid is a market research software that created programatic survey sampling. Need to ask your target market their purchase preferences? Want to know how people planned on voting? No problem with Lucid you can ask anybody.

To stand out among Lucids you have to get creative

I had the privledge to collaborate with an external agency, Skona to create on this campaign.

The campaign we centered around question and answers. Not just any questions however, we asked questions that spurred debate. Questions that could only be answered through audience consensus.

These ads served as high level brand awareness. This campaign played a large part in Lucid doubling unaided brand awareness in the market research space.


Further down the funnel...

We utilised more targeted messaging – highlighting specific use B2B cases.

Each ad lead to a landing page with a snapshot of answers fielded within the Lucid platform. This direct ad question to landing page answer illustrated the speed, scale and utility of the Lucid.